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Repair a Broken Ski

Modern skis are incredible, but as they push the envelope between lightweight and durability, the latter uses gives. Fortunately, a broken ski isn't as devastating as one might think. In my experience, the most common breaks occur upon impact with the tip, causing the ski to flex and break right in front of the toe piece. Toe pieces can pull out too, but let's focus first on repairing a broken ski.

Things you'll need: Drill bit, through bolts, washers, and Ultralight Crystal Card - All of which are included in the Backcountry Ski Repair Kit.

Generally speaking, when a ski breaks, the top sheet and base usually remain intact, while the wood or composite of the ski has cracked. So, the first step is to locate where the ski has cracked or broken.

1) Place the Ultralight Crystal Card over the break in the ski. The holes in the crystal card will be your guide as to where to drill. Place the drill bit in the ratchet tool, and drill completely through the ski. Repeat with the other hole. While the purple shrink wrap was cut to give the precise depth for binding remount, it won't stand in the way of drilling through your entire ski.

2) Now that you have holes on either side of the break, insert your through bolts from the base of the ski to the top. Secure the through bolts with washers and wing nuts on top of the Ultralight Crystal Card. Finger tighten until the heads of the bolts are relatively flush with the base of the ski.

3) Ski carefully. While this will help in getting you out of the backcountry, it is by no means a green light to give'r. In short, all you're doing is keeping the layers compressed on both sides of the break. While not indestructible, the Ultralight Crystal Card helps to give rigidity to your ski, as well as act a drilling guide over the break.

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Aug 02, 2022

$90 for a ski "repair kit" that consists of an acrylic card, which is screwed through the ski, making any later repair much more difficult??? A roll of duct tape and some twigs will yield a better result...

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