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When we set out to design a snow crystal card, we not only wanted to make it half the size of traditional cards, but also have more than one use. 


Introducing the UL Crystal Card/Scraper/Splint!


NOW with 2mm grids for simple, easy snow crystal evaltion. 

Transparent grey polycarbonate provides a great contrast against the crystals, while remaining temperature neutral (at least compared to aluminum), AND pops in photos when documenting your crystals or snow profile.


Pocket sized (70mm x 100mm) for quick use as a ski or skin scraper.


Two laser cut holes transform this crystal card into a splint for broken skis. In other words, place the crystal card over the break in the ski and drill all the way through the ski. You can now insert your through bolts (included with the Backcountry Ski Repair Kit), and tighten the crystal card again the top of the ski to provide rigidity for your ski out. NOTE: The UL Crystal Card is not indestructable, so tighten accordingly.

Ultralight Crystal Card

SKU: CC002
    • 70mm x 100mm
    • 2mm grids
    • 5.5mm holes (2)
    • Grey Polycarbonate
    • The envy of all other crystal cards
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