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Charlie Lane

Originally from the Midwest, Charlie discovered skiing at the age of 10. Like TJ and Dexter, he eventually drove west and found his place among the jagged peaks of the Rockies and Tetons. It was in the mountains that Charlie began shaping his life around winter. Years of exploration and progression eventually led to Washington State, where Charlie now calls home with his wife Jenny, and their hound dog Jerry. But since he/I am writing this, let's switch to the 1st person. Hi there.

Skiing has taken me all over the world, from Europe, Japan, and New Zealand, to Alaska, British Columbia, and all over the American West. As a graduate of the AMGA Ski Guide Course, I've had the pleasure of teaching, guiding, and sharing my knowledge of the backcountry with many stoked individuals. In the winter, you can usually find me in the North Cascades, where new ski lines and powder remain endless. When not on snow, I love surfing, drawing, spending time in small town bars, listening to slow jams, and throwing skids on vintage mountain bikes. This of course, is just a snapshot, but you get the picture.

Traverse Equipment was born from decades of backcountry experience coupled with my work in the outdoor industry as a repair technician, product designer, and guide. I hope our products allow you to dream bigger and go further.

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