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Tom Murphy

Home town (in winter): Leavenworth, WA

Years skiing: 39

My parents put me on skis as soon as I could stand up - maybe even a little before.

Skiing heroes or mentor(s): Many of the folks I admire most in skiing are friends and ski partners from my first full seasons skiing down in Utah. Many of them are silent senders with Freeride tour podiums and Sick Bird Buckles and others are just driven skiers chasing personal goals without worrying about getting ‘credit’ for their achievements. I rarely have a day out skiing where I don’t learn something from whomever I’m skiing with.


Mountain Credentials: AAIRE II 


Story from a memorable trip: One of my favorite trips was a fly in trip to the Neacolas with some great partners when I lived in Alaska. Looking at the topos there wasn’t a marquee objective but we picked a zone that, to our knowledge (and the pilot’s), no one had ever been to. It was game on for 12 days of exploring and skiing lines and we had no trip reports or beta to reference. That is the most fun for me even if you aren’t the first person into an area is to go with a rough plan and explore rather than map out every little detail. 


What winter means to me: Spending a winter in the mountains is a luxury I don’t take for granted. It’s pretty charmed to be able to take the time to adventure both near and far from home.


Favorite skin track snack: Gummy Bears


Favorite apres-ski activity: Wild nights and/or a fire in the woodstove


Hot tub or sauna? Sauna…I think that was a trick question


Fun fact: I have a titanium femur

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