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The one and only ski pole wrap.


Have you ever wanted to know the depth of the new snow or find out exactly how far down that crust layer is, but didn't want to bother taking your pack off and digging out your probe? BOOM! The Quick Probe is your new best friend. Designed in the backcountry after constantly checking snow density on the skin track, but without having a way to quantify it. Now, with a flip of your pole, you can take quick snow measurements up to 60cm.


Quickly measure 24 hour snowfall.

Find crust layers and changes in snow density.

Great for hand shear tests (30cm x 30cm).


Designed with fixed length poles in mind, but applicable however you want.

Quick Probe®

SKU: QP001
  • 7 cm x 61 cm

    1 cm increments

    3M Stickiness

    Quick Probe is a registered trademark.

  • Place your ski pole on the sticker, with the top of the handle where it reads TOP OF POLE. 

    Cut the sticker at the bottom of the handle.

    Mark the middle of the pole shaft at the top and bottom of the sticker if you'd like a precise application. A sharpie works great.

    Carefully peel the sticker and place it on the pole as straight as possible, using the marks on your pole as a guide.

    Beginning with the side that reads APPLY THIS EDGE FIRST, wrap the sticker around the pole. Smooth out the sticker from end to end before each additional wrap. 

    If you did everything right, everything should line up with the last wrap of the sticker.


    Application is best on a dry, room temperature ski pole. 

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