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Mallory Duncan

Hometown (in the winter): Bend, OR

Years skiing: I started skiing when I was a two-year-old up in Lake Tahoe.  My dad learned to ski in his late 20’s and he and my mom would travel up to Tahoe every weekend from the bay area.  They dragged me and my older sister along for the ride and dropped us at ski school during the day so they could explore the mountain.  Initially my interests revolved around ski racing but as my results declined so did my passion. I momentarily stopped skiing all together, but later discovered backcountry skiing.  I was galvanized by the freedom to explore distant slopes and inspired by the craft of turning in fresh powder void of manmade obstructions.


Skiing heroes or mentor(s): Today, I’m inspired by so many people, some are close friends, some I’ve skied with only once or twice, others I’ve watched from afar. Observing their unique styles and approaches to skiing helps me mold and develop my own style and technique. The big stand outs are Stratton Matteson, Zak Mills, Alex Kollar, Lucas Wachs, Joe Blount, Jake Doan and Baker Boyd. Throughout my life I’ve looked up to Colby West because of his steeze and humor, Ted Ligety because his flawless technique, Jeremy Jones because of his moving philosophies, Chris Benchetler because of his artful method of interacting with terrain, and Shane because of his monumental impact on the sport of free skiing.


Mountain Credentials: AARIE I & II Certification


Accomplishments: I’ve skied Alaska Spines, Baker Pillow, BC Big Mountains, and some 50 Classics but the lines that carry the most meaning are the ones in my home range here in the Central Cascades.  Skiing off the top of north sister into the Thayer Headwall is probably my proudest ski line to date.


What winter means to me: A season when the days are short, the nights are cold, the beers are dark, and our bonds are tested and strengthened.


Favorite skin track snack:  Nutter Butters


Favorite apres-ski activity: It’s gotta be having a beer and burger.


Hot tub or sauna? Hot Tub


Fun fact: I love jazz and have played saxophone since I was in third grade.

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