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Mallorie Estenson

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Home town (in Winter): Seattle, WA

Years skiing: 10

Being a Washington-based rock climber was too sad and wet in the winter. When I discovered that moving through the mountains in the winter on skis was an option, it was game over for me. I had long dabbled with snowboarding as a kid, but I still haven't been back on a snowboard since my first day on skis. Skiing is funner.


Skiing heroes or mentor(s): I learned my love of skiing from people that love skiing. There have been several people that have mentored me along, but my partner Tim Black has been there through all of it. Even when conditions aren't ideal, he jumps out of bed at ungodly hours and makes the most of every opportunity to go skiing. Further, I've been really fortunate to learn a lot of my guiding repertoire from Ian Nicholson, and that's not limited to skiing.

If Michelle Parker is involved in a project, I want to see it - Ski goals.


Mountain Credentials: I'm an AIARE avalanche instructor and assistant ski guide per the AMGA. I started teaching in 2020.


Story from a memorable trip: The first time I landed a backflip on my skis, I was skiing with a couple of my guy friends. They wanted to build a jump that I wasn't willing to hit. So I built my own jump and they joked with me that it wasn't big enough and that it wouldn't work. Guess what? It did. The kind folks at LINE have been supporting my ski habit since 2020.


What winter means to me: Winter challenges me in a lot of ways. I'll forever be a student of the snowpack and avalanche conditions. I'm always working to improve every turn, line choice and my ability to read the snow for the most rewarding conditions. People don't become savvy backcountry travelers on their own; I'm extremely grateful to the people that brought me along. And I look forward to sharing what I know with others.


Favorite skin track snack: There's a rich morning glory muffin recipe that hits the spot everytime. It has a million ingredients in it, but it's good, clean energy.


Favorite apres-ski activity: I love a good card game. If we play cribbage, it's going to have to be for best 2 out of 3.


Hot tub or sauna? Hot tub all day.


Fun fact: I'm usually a super bubbly person, but the fun fact I want to share is that it's okay to love skiing and need a break from it. It's okay to dial it back, whatever that means to you. After a close call this season, I learned a lot about myself and psychological injuries. Hug your friends. Tell your people you love them. Listen to your gut. Do it for the love.

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