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Lars Martinson

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Home town (in winter): Missoula, Montana 

Years skiing: 33 years 

My parents took me and instilled my love for it at an early age. Growing up in Minnesota skipping ski races to go hit jumps in the park with friends was a core memory. 


Skiing heroes or mentor(s): Shane McConkey will always be my hero. 


Mountain Credentials: Avalanche Level II 


Story from a memorable trip: Getting black lung from living in a small station wagon for a season storm chasing in the Alps. Totally worth it. Or a 5 day ski trip through Canada with two friends in the back of an Outback, solely living on a massive pot of spaghetti. Locals called us the Montana Brokeback Boys. Dirt bagging is the best. 


What winter means to me: It all comes down to spending quality time with friends and exploring new zones. I barely remember what lines I skied last year, but I’ll always remember who I did it with. 


Favorite skin track snack: Extreme Sour Patch Kids 


Favorite apres-ski activity: Eating a grilled sausage in the parking lot with a half frozen Coors with friends. 


Hot tub or sauna? Sauna every time 


Fun fact: Being extremely color blind has its advantages. I never get held accountable for running red lights.I’ve also never progressed to those blue diamond ski runs though.

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