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Jared Drapala

Home town (in Winter): Bellingham, WA

Years skiing: 10

I learned how to dull my edges on the icy slopes of the northeast but started skiing more in earnest while working at the Kirkwood rental shop. From there I spent a few seasons in Colorado in Ouray and Aspen, learning about the persistent avalanche problems of that zone. I’ve spent the past four years skiing primarily in Washington with some fun trips to new areas. 


Skiing heroes or mentor(s): Andreas Fransson skied the south face of Denali the first time I went up there, and I can appreciate what an accomplishment that was…it hasn’t been repeated. Of course in the local community, you have to respect Gregg Oliveri for his stoke and the pure joy he exudes when skiing. 


Mountain Credentials: AMGA Alpine and Rock guide, Professional Level 2 Avalanche, AIARE Course Instructor, AAA Pro Member


Story from a memorable trip: In 2021, along with a few other buds (Including Traverse Equipment founder Charlie) we skied the Eklutna Traverse, and didn’t see anyone else out there for six days which was quite special. We also pioneered the use of Yellow Cab taxi service to avoid having to rent two cars. We got to experience the full range of Alaskan weather, from Denali cold to 70+ mph gusts, and had some great turns along the way.


What winter means to me: It’s a shift from walking in the mountains to skinning and opening up a whole new way to interact with the mountain environment. It also opens the door to covering a lot of ground compared to the summer, in a season when many people don’t access the deeper corners of the range.


Favorite skin track snack: Trader Joe’s Chile and Garlic Cashews


Favorite apres-ski activity: Pilsner and Puffy Pants


Hot tub or sauna? Hot Tub


Fun fact: I share birthdays with Dennis Miller, whom I don’t find all that funny.

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